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Saturday, April 17, 2010

About Grassfed Beef

Recently I was invited by Kevin Coleman, from Estancia Beef, to join a bunch of chefs in a grassfed beef cooking party.  Since then I have become a fan of cooking grassfed beef so want to share with you some of my insights on how to cook it and its benefits:

1. Grassfed means that the cattle has been raised on eating grass instead of corn.  If you're a purist make sure to ask your butcher if the cattle is fed with grass year-round.  In some places they feed the cattle grass during the warmer parts of the year and then switch to corn when the ground freezes, but they still label it as grassfed.

2. True grassfed beef is actually good for you.  It has alot less fat than cornfed beef and almost as many healthy omega acid as salmon.  

3. Don't throw a grassfed steak on a grill and walk away.  It cooks alot faster because it's not as fatty, so pay attention.

4. Season it well.  I noticed that the grassfed beef I used needed just a touch more salt than usual to bring out the flavors. 

5. Don't want to turn on the stove?  Grassfed beef is so clean you can eat it raw.  My friend Chef Erik Fischer made delicious beef carpaccio and tartare with Estancia beef and it was so clean and flavorful!

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