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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Your Guide : A Week of Industry Nights

The past few seasons we have witnessed the proliferation of service and restaurant industry nights, largely due to the raised awareness of the restaurant industry. Industry nights usually take place on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, the nights when most individuals working in the service industry get a chance to enjoy the fruits of their labors. In other words these are the nights that restaurant people can socialize and get the hook up simultaneously.

Industry nights are open to those who want a sneak preview where everyone is "welcome to that part of the industry you might not be able to see," according to my friend Ryan Mulholland, an industry veteran of Uni & Clio, and definitive industry insider who is currently a manager of Eastern Standard.

So tag along with your friend in to the next the restaurant industry night.

Sunday Nights
Roll the dice and take advantage of Craigie Street Bistrot Chef's Whim on Sunday evenings after 9:00 PM. Chef Tony Maws cooks for your table — either a $39.99 four-course or $55 six-course menu. Tony cooks impromptu dishes that may not be on the regular menu, and is at his most inventive, spontaneous, and generous. It's never the same meal twice and your palates and pocketbooks are the winners! The "Chef's Whim" is available in 2 versions only — "The Surprise" (which may contain meat and fish) and Vegetarian.

Monday Nights
John McElroy, A valet for Ultimate Parking, attends Monday nights at Kings billiards. So does Barbarian Group impresario Sambot. John says: "I went once with a pay stub to prove I'm in the industry and they remembered me after that first time, everyone is really cool and knows you. It's definitely a good time. Minnie, say hi to the Dopamine/Amalagate gang"

Anyone in the restaurant biz, valets, door guys should frequent Kings Billiards and bowling on Scotia street in Boston, right across from the Sheraton. Monday nights include free bowling and pool for industry peeps. Boston Billiards on Brookline Ave. near Fenway does free pool from 9 pm till close on Sunday nights. 28 degrees has an industry night on Thursday, one or two sponsored martini's for the night for really cheap.....interesting"

Tuesday Nights
Veteran DJ and Boson Phoenix Music writer Davyd Day and the ever-lovable Greg Fournier
are calling out your name with Hearthrob night at the Middlesex Lounge.

David says that "it is very much a kind of industry night. It's on a Tuesday and all the DJs we know (emarce, 7l, Oliver Mak, etc.) come out because they are not working.

Because they are on off nights, industry night can bring a heavy dose of heads -- DJs, promoters, dancers and such. So the music is generally well-selected, the dancing quite advanced and hot, but there's also a ton of talking going on as well. It's also a time for the bartenders and cocktail staff of Boston to cut loose, so there's generally a lot of heavy drinking going on... and quality drinks to boot.

Hearthrob appeared last year in September when Tuesday night DJ Greg "Sensitive Hand" Fournier decided to get serious about booking his night. After signing on Red Foxxworth and Baltimoroder (both nominated for "Best DJ in Boston" at he convinced the charismatic Morgan Louis from Providence to join the team.

Since then, the four have been rocking Hearthrob every 2nd and 4th Tuesday like it's New Years. Hearthrob is the best party I have ever been to. And every time it gets better.

The Deals Are:Link$3.50/16ox bottles of Private Stock and
$50.00/bottles of The Widow Cliquot champagne.

So sip on your Private Stock.., and maybe you'll spy Jason Tobin, real estate mogul Chris Young, the gorgeous Justyna or the talented boys from So So Limited.

Wednesday Nights
Well it's definitely the night to stay in and watch Alex's favorite obsession, Lost.

Thursday Nights
If anyone knows how to cater to the industry it's Ken Oringer. The first Thursday of the month head over to Toro in the South End for Chef John Critchley's complimentary tapas for weary restaurant workers from 11:00pm until 1:00am. Call Toro at 617.536.4300 for more info.

Friday Nights
Plan a date night at Aujourd'hui's Bubbly Bar. Check out a Taste of Spring with sparkling offerings with fresh fruit purees between 5:30 and 7:00pm, and enjoy complimentary nibbles from chef William Kovel paired with $10 glasses of champagne. Add a splash of raspberry, blood orange or pomegranate to your glass of bubbly – the price stays the same. Stick around after for dinner off Kovel’s refreshed bar menu. Call Aujourd’hui at 617.351.2037 for more information.

Saturday Nights
Stay in and beat the crowds and the rushed service. All the good people in the industry are working anyways.

Political Industry Night

My favorite traveling partner Rosie Wells, senior analyst at DSI International, a government consulting firm, recently attended a party for Ms. Mu Sochua, a Cambodian parliament member hosted by the Service Employees International Union, on the rooftop of their Washington headquarters. Former Democratic Majority leader from South Dakota, Tom Daschle, introduced the guest of honor, who was in town raising money for her re-election in the opposition party. Appetizers included asparagus wrapped carpaccio, brie with caramel and pecans, lovelly melon ball skewers with feta cheese and herbs. She says they were "delightful."

This event was followed by a random invitation to dine with the guest of honor at the Heritage, an Indian restaurant on Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Circle where the group dined on Goa fish curry and nan bread.

Visual artist, Teseo is sent this dispatch from Mexico City. He says: "Well, I know that if you go to the same bar after every one of your shifts, you get to know the bartender and never have to pay for a drink ever again. (tip tip tip) Hope your good!"

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Anonymous said...

have had the craigie stree bistro prix fixe. the food was exceptional, affordible, and our meal was timed perfectly to fit in well with our theater schedule at the A.R.T.
lots of parking as well!

love the blog!