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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sushi Alert!

Alex begged me not to spill the beans on our new discovery at Fugakyu in Coolidge Corner for fear that we would not be able to get a spot next week. For a while now Fugakyu has been known widely as a great sushi place with a funny name.

Fugakyu now hosts Kai Ten sushi night every Monday and Tuesday from 5-8 PM. Sit at the sushi bar and help yourself to the seductive selection of sushi "small plates" floating by on decorative wooden boats. Each plate comes adorned with 2-4 pieces of sushi and sashimi and costs only $4 each.

On another note, there is still the ongoing debate about whether to tip the sushi chef. My vote is yes! It's a great gesture, especially if you are/or want to become/ a regular. Chris Chung, the raw fish maestro at Uni, sends me text messages when they receive shipments of live Santa Barbara sea urchin. He always remembers that I don't like bonito flakes in my seaweed salad and will reserve the last order of rock shrimp tempura for Alex cause he knows it's his favorite dish. This kind of care and attention is well deserving of a tip.

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