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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Malibu Family Winery: AMGEN Festival

A few weeks ago Malibu Family Winery hosted one of the best food and wine events I've ever been to.  Although I belong to their wonderful wine club and frequent their al fresco tasting room often, I had no idea that they had a huge ranch directly across the street.  Unequivocally this place is the prettiest winery in all of Southern California!  We were greeted by alpacas, horses, camels and even zebras as we drove up to through the breathtaking property.  There is an amazing view of the valley, framed by rolling hills of grapevines- this is what California living is all about.

The food and wine festival featured huge jumbotrons for people to watch the AMGEN cycling race, and provided a place for food and wine lovers to eat and drink to their heart's content.  I even got a massage from the Westlake Four Seasons Spa!

Here are some pictures of the fabulous food and some Chef friends I ran into that day.

 The very talented and friendly Chef Alberto Vasquez from Mediterraneo Restaurant in Westlake.  He made my favorite dish of the day.  A crispy flatbread with sunkissed cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, caperberries, olives, and fresh herbs.  A good chef like Vasquez can elevate a simple, unfussy dish into a sublime eating experience by taking into account the setting, the seasonality, the textures and colors of a dish such as this one.  The flavors just burst in my mouth and catapulted me into summer in this gorgeous setting.

And of course I saw my favorite Top Chef, Fabio.  I just love this guy!  This is his second time I've accosted him to take a picture with me and he's been duly gracious every time.  Go visit him at his restaurant, Cafe Firenze, in Moorpark.

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Nikki said...

Nice! Happy new year to all, and fingers crossed for a great 2011!