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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

What a relief! 2009 is finally here and I am hopeful that this will be a fresh start from the ups and downs of the past year. The dismal economy and ongoing wars around the world has been on my mind. Now this year I don't have a resolution but more of a mission statement on how I want to live my life. My goal is to spend my valuable time here on this earth doing the things that I love: reading, writing, cooking, gardening, doing yoga, and spending time connecting with my loved ones. These are the things that make me truly happy and make me feel alive.

In keeping with this spirit, I decided to make my sweetheart a nice dinner for a quiet, restful New Year's Eve. Beside, I was bursting at the seams to try out all my new cooking gear that he got me for Christmas! I'm sure he had this in mind when he picked out my new Global vegetable knife.

I was in the mood for surf n' turf so I decided to make my version of steak au poivre with Maine lobster tail. We got our lobster at the Ranch 99 Asian Market ($12/lb) in Van Nuys, which has a great selection of fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

Two 1.5 lb lobsters were steamed. See my post on How to Kill A Lobster humanely. I stab the nervous system (about 1 inch from eyes) before putting into pot.

To go with the lobster tail I created a jalapeno citron buerre blanc, which is essential a butter and citrus sauce.

I just read a study that said marinating meats for at least an hour reduced the carcinogens by half. These filets were coated in a mixture of fresh rosemary, hand-ground pepper, garlic, olive oil and salt and left to marinate for an hour before hitting the iron hot grill.

Maine Lobster tail with Jalapeno citron buerre blanc, and Minnie's Filet Au Poivre

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Chinababy said...

Those lobsters look happy. Okay, maybe not happy, but definately tasty. My man and I went out for surf and turf a few nights ago, a sort of pre-Valentine dinner. He made me pay for my meat-eating preferences the next night at a vegetarian restaurant. I tried to be a good sport when licking hummous and couscous off my fingers while knowing I had nothing better to look forward to.
I love your new year mission statement, the concept of having a mission statement, and the content of your particular mission statement. You really understand the important things in life. If my man and I are able to embrace simple pleasures such as those we will have a wonderful year. You are an inspiration Minnie!