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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cravings & Other Good Stuff

I went down to Westminster to satisfy my craving for Banh Mi, otherwise known as the Saigon Sub. $2.50 will get you a French baguette filled with your choice of grilled pork, beef, or traditional assortment of bologna-like loaf meats. I always get mine with homemade pate, veggies, and pickles.

Thanks to Izzy's Deli, in Santa Monica, for my latest cravings-knishes. Their hefty meat and potato knishes stand up to any East Coast style delis. Be sure to remember the gravy and pickles!

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I accidentally invented a new pancake! Well it's new to my household at least. I added white chocolate chips and blueberries to these homemade pancakes and they were delicious... especially with bacon!

But do me a favor and use real maple syrup (from New England) even if there's only a couple of drops left in the bottle.

This I call the $140 Bouillabase because that's how much it cost for the ingredients (including a bottle of Prosecco to go with dinner) at Whole Foods. Bam! They got me again. Oh well, it was just what I needed. Saves me a trip to the therapist. Be sure to use orange zest, it really brings out the nice flavors.

I did alot of useless research before I decided to buy this Japanese Global knife. I couldn't decide between a Japanese or German made knife because basically all of the articles I read came to the same conclusion: It depends. I chose Global because I liked the super sharp blade, sleek, sexy design, and it was lightweight enough for my small, but prodigious hands.

After all those cravings I've been trying to eat healthy, cheap, and with more veggies. I remembered hearing something about leeks being a weight loss secret from "French Women Don't Get Fat, "so into my potage they go!

Spaghetti squash with parsley and parmesan is another tasty and wholesome treat!

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