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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

For a GOOD Time... Visit Minnie Eat World Live from New York!

December is a great time to be in New York for many reasons. If you're in the Soho area come down and visit me at the Open House, a sustainable venue located at 201 Mulberry Street (Between Prince & Kenmare), where I will be curating the Good December Cafe as part of Good Magazine's pop up community.

This is where I'll be for the next few weekends stationed at my DIY Pop Up Popcorn Stand. Come by, enjoy some free beverages, or make your own crazy pop corn concoction with my spread of surprising flavorings and spices from my own Vietnamese tamarind, Pop Rocks candy, to the Vermont cheddar cheese powder that Todd English allegedly uses as a supplement in his heavenly creamy Mac n' Cheese. Otherwise try some of my impromptu popcorn creations from Chorizo, cumin and peanut popcorn; orange chocolate popcorn with fresh orange zest, or my popular and seasonal white chocolate and crushed candy cane popcorn.

Next weekend I'm bringing on the bacon, so watch out.

If that's not enough you can also ....

Check out free moving screenings, make your own DIY crafts sponsored by the wonderfully crafty people at ETSY; leave a book take a book, grab a free record, or instant message with thought leaders from around in the world on various topics, such as, what's better, bacon or chorizo?

This GOOD IDEA was produced by Kyla Fullenwider, the woman behind the ground breaking NYC public art project, Garden in Transit, and Max Schorr, Publisher of Good Magazine, with the help of many talented collaborators and thinkers.

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mishka said...

minh, that is so cool! I wish I could come visit you next weekend!