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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October 10

30 years ago today, I sprung forth from my mother's womb and became my own person with my own needs and desires. Last weekend I was feted by some wonderful friends in New York City. It was a hilarious night that was beyond my expectations, involving impromptu toasts, hijacked limousines, and of course lots of Sake, Patron and Champagne. This is a picture of my "world premiere" birthday cake made of foie gras and chocolate, two of my favorite things on earth.

My friend Meg took me to the weekly Saturday farmer's market in Fort Greene. We sampled fresh fuji apple juice, spicy and perfectly crunchy home made kimchee green beans. I swallowed Concord grapes as they popped out of their tannic skins and slipped down my throat. Yes, that was me sniffing and man handling the plump tomatoes in so many gorgeous shapes and shades they could be strung into a dripping necklace.

Fancy cakes, party dresses, and top shelf liquor is fine by me, but the thing I love most is cooking and eating with my friends. Our Sunday night dinner was a collaborative effort where everyone played a integral part in pulling together a memorable meal. Meg and Ben made homemade whole wheat pasta that became its own form of performance art. There is beauty and lyricism in all of the rolling, kneading and stretching. My sister and I made bolognese sauce from thick, spicy Italian sausages that were liberated from their casing form. Kyla and Max set the scene with a welcoming table top, and set the mood with candle light, reminding me that it isn't about setting the table, but about setting the tone. It was simple, delicious, and an unforgettable time. Yes indeed, it is a good time to be thirty.

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