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Monday, August 27, 2007

Wherever I Go The People Always Know... How Much I Love to Eat!

Yesterday, I attended the wedding for my friends Dave and Anna at the Glen Magna Estate in Danvers. It was a lovely, low-key, garden style affair made complete by many personalized touches, including these adorable gift baskets with English tea and the sweetest strawberries I've tasted all summer. What a nice surprise!

Behold this perfect dessert plate I got from the dessert bar! The cream was obviously hand whipped, which I appreciated.

Nothing hits the my zen center like a good old vegetarian lunch at the Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center located at 950 Mass Ave., between Central and Harvard Square. For less than six bucks enjoy some soup and a heaping plate of Chinese vegetarian dishes from steamed vegetables to tofu and mushrooms wrapped in seitan. Everything on the menu is vegan, except for the bubble teas, which contain some dairy. Now that's what I call guilt-free eating.

Don't worry, while your waiter may be a Buddhist monk, they will not try to proselytize you.

This is a great place to have a tranquil lunch, or to catch up on your summer reading.

I'm easily seduced by interesting and unusual products I find at the grocery store, like these preserved lemons and organic raisins from Whole Foods.

These impulse buys were transformed into a dish of Morrocan chicken with preserved lemons and raisins. The raisins plumped up nicely as it was cooked along with the chicken stock.

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MISHKA said...

those strawberry/tea baskets are so cute! I've walked by the place on mass ave before, but never ate there. you always know the best kept secrets for eating places.