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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Minnie's Guide to Wedding Gifting

Wedding season is in full swing. Not only am I'm faced with the dilemma of choosing between chicken, beef, or vegetarian options, but now I have to choose something from an over-picked gift registry? Well forget about all that. Here are my picks for elegant, useful, and beautifully made wedding gifts for the foodies you love. Click on the pictures for more information.

1. Walnut Pepper Mill, MOMA Design Store, $140.

2. I love this eye popping Italian designed bowl from MOMA Design Store, $65.

3. Champagne glasses should as light and airy as the bubbles dancing in them. These Riedel crystal champagne flutes were designed to reflect light and enhance effervescence that will help make every day a celebration! Amazon, set of four, $39.68.

4. These hand crafted serving plates from Christopher Jagmin will be a conversation piece for a long time to come. The numbered series are custom made in your choice of odd and even numbers . Christopher Jagmin, e-mail for prices.

5. New Englanders consume the most amount of ice cream per capita. How about a floral Ice Cream scoop for the gadget crazy couple? Have they not thought of everything yet? Napa Style, $42.

6. For the couple that loves to entertain, this wooden appetizer tray has slots to fit up to 8 wine glasses and plenty of room to pile on some yummy nibbles. This tray will elevate any workaday picnic. Napa Style, $55.99.

7. These Italian made nesting earthenware bakers are versatile, space saving, and will look striking tableside. Napa Style, set of three, $128.

8. I don't know who this Chef Yossi guy is, but his hand care gift pack contains some of the best hand lotions and soaps I've ever tried. Designed to eliminate food odors and sooth burnt and beaten hands, this set comes in an attractive wooden gift box. Napa Style, $68.99.

9. Add the word French to any product description and I'm sold. This French Folding Carving Set is made of carbonized steel and chrome with a Laguiole blade, both fold beautifully in the giftable wooden box. Carving sets are the new steak knives, and I'm definitely getting this for a sepcial couple who are getting hitched in August. Napa Style, $103.99.

10. Salt is just salt right? Apparently not. This selection of 24 artisanal salts from all over the world comes attractively packaged in a bamboo case. Napa Style, $148.99

11. Chocolate fountains are the hottest trend in celebrity weddings. What's more romantic and fun than some fresh summer strawberries dipped in a fountain of chocolate? Comes with a choice of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Napa Style, $ 79.99.

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