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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Video: Mother's Day Meal, Coriander Roasted Salmon Salad


T said...

The Coriander Roasted Salmon Salad was so easy to make. Soooo much flavor! And loved the rose water mint lemonade. Thanks Minnie!

Kats said...

Chris and I made this dish for mother's day for my family. Everybody raved about it! We made a couple of simple changes to please a couple of finicky eaters. Chris grilled the salmon on the BBQ and we served it hot next to the salad (Chris doesn't like fish tossed in salad.) We also used red leaf and romaine lettuce (it was what we had in the fridge) and scallions instead of red onion (I think I am allergic to raw red onion). I also made french green lentils with garlic, celery and salt for my son who is slightly iron deficient. Well everybody helped themselves to the lentils and it went great with the salmon and salad. We ate dinner with great champagne and a french red wine. Thank you so much Minnie for the wonderful suggestion. We also passed on the cheesecake. Sounds delicious but I don't attempt deserts. This was a very easy dish that was not time consuming which is nice when you have a house full and a small one running around. We forgot to take a picture. I used the leftover salmon and lentils and mixed them cold with fresh salad and veggies tonight for my dinner (Chris was at a work dinner.) It was just as good a day later and delicious mixed with the salad and the left over wine. I remembered to take a photo this time!